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  1. Deutschland Reich: 0.3 - News From Far Away - More events were added, making a total of 50 events! - More borders fixed. - New palette for the nations. - No more wasteland! - Added Central Asia nations, Caucasus nations, Crimea, and some colonial nations. 1546453304968edebygoc.zip civilization_editor.zip leaders.zip leadersIMG.zip pallets_of_civs_colors.zip Planned Atualizations The Far East: Seak to add more events to the Far East. The Middle Way Add some events for the Caucaus and Central Asia. New World Intrigues More wars in the New World; Add leaders for Latin American nations. People's Jubilee Add music and complete leader pictures for the nations.
  2. Make Spain the Iberian Union, cuz Portugal was in a union with Spain. Of course it was dominated, but it was a union.
  3. Deutschland Reich 0.2: The Civil Game - Added Brazilian, American and Spanish civil war. - Germany now won't be forming Weimar Republic. - Added leaders portrait for most nations. - More events. - Fixed neutral provinces. - Better borders for some nations. - Customized relations for main nations. 1546453304968edebygoc.zip civilization_editor.zip leaders.zip leadersIMG.zip
  4. UPDATE IN THE REPLY SECTION! THX! It's 1919, and the war is over. With the peace treaty signed, even though it wasn't what the French wanted, they were sure that it was going to end the germans, making them pay for what they have done. But it was not the case. Only some years later, the germans had reastablished their country into one of the major european powers. The french, were envy of what Germany had became. A leading economy, so big it could compare with the US. Not only that, but after striking a deal with Poland, the corridor and Danzig was given to them, in exchange for using the german ports freely. The russians, after it's civil war, war left only with a small portion of what their empire was. With Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics been independent. While that, the British Empire was collapsing, having to deal with rebelions everywhere, and losing money with so much military expending. Not only that, but their dominions were also hit by the weakness of the British Isles. Now, it's 1936. With a France that is getting ready to revange, a Great Germany and a failing British Empire, what will you do? The world is in our hands.. (Not enough events (there are about 20), no custom leaders and no diplomatic relations set up until now. Feel free to costumize the scenario, and help with the development by giving feedback! 🙂 (Also, sorry for any mistakes in the texts and events, I'm brazilian). To install, put in the files on: Age of Civilizations II > map > scenarios 1546453304968edebygoc.rar (0.1)
  5. You're welcome! Keep up with the great work!
  6. It is very good, but the borders for Brazil are inaccurate and for the spanish colonies too.
  7. Go in to steam files Go to steamapps, open "common" and go to Age of Civilizations II Then go to map Go to Earth (file, do not go to Earth AOCI) Go to Scenario Find your scenario by the previews Delete the pastes of your scenarios And that's it
  8. I guess religion and navy (if added) could play a key role on colonization. For example, you would need x ship that is super expensive to colonize. And in religion, i think that should exist more chances of an christian/protestant power colonizing the americas than a muslim or other powers. But we would still see muslims colonizing Africa and other religions colonizing the pacific islands. Also I think that should exist a independence process after some time of having a colony.
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