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  1. Thanks, the mods release will be sometime in january. An --- Version is possible but I'am not sure if there will be one for the first Version.
  2. The Darklands will probably be added later after the initial release but Aman will be more complicated as it was pretty much removed from the world after the numenorean invasion.
  3. The mod will be released in the coming days. The version that will be released first is one for PC. An Android version might come later.
  4. Well there are no updates since it is not yet released but there probably will be in the future when it is.
  5. Arzayan n'Adunai. A small Numenorian Kingdom off the coast of Umbar. https://notionclubarchives.fandom.com/wiki/Arzayan_n'Adûnâi
  6. The Demo is sadly gonna be slightly further delayed simply because there are some countries in Rhovanion and Eriador missing. The entire south is finished though. Gondor, Rohan and the east is too.
  7. Thanks, you too. I have done provinces Raj already, but it is not featured in the Demo.
  8. Sadly I must announce that I can't finish the mod in time for the 25th, I will not be home for the next three days and can not work on it in that time. I hope it is fine if I upload it a few days later.
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