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  1. So i tried makin a few custom ideologies for a mod im working on and when i try to make a country my ideology, it shows it as the city state ideology. If anyone knows how to fix this i would be greatfull.
  2. Hallo Gennosen! Its been a while since my first post, and i wanted to update yall on whats currently goin on in the mod development and stuff. so first a few changes (little and major) in the map Texas has been gobbled by the US of A New chinese War lords have been added and India is a bit less balkanized and a bit more minor ones like new countries in the balkans, ect. New Portraits including: Mussolini Quadrouple's The Indian drip master this guy named lama and Mcarthur And some cool new Flags: An
  3. As the title say's , Is there a way to disable the possibility of vassals breaking away? And can you disable manual declreation of war?
  4. For now there is no download link. Maby in the future
  5. I cant really anwser your question. I dont know if it will ever release at all since it has custom flags and countries in it but ill see what i can do. For now, expect it wont come out any time soon
  6. Yeah, the mod is kinda like: What if TNO and Man in the high castle had a child.
  7. Good mornin, good evenin and good night yall! This is my first post on here so im quite exicited. Anyways to the main topic. The Year is 1954, Japan is in shambles, the soviet union has fallen and the Germans rule Europe with an iron fist. This is the World of The Eurasian Madness. I chose this name since well... in the game eurasia is in shambles. Warlord states rule northern China and former soviet union. In short, Germany and the axis won ww2 (But Japan lost in china) For now there is no download for the mod because i dont think you can download it if it has custom countries, but im not sur
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