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  1. Hey, i saw your making new ideologies, you should add the flags for the ideologies too, it wont take too long and it will be better in my opinion and probably everyones opinion, btw i mean when you turn into an ideology then your flag changes
  2. Is this the beta or is this the finished mod?
  3. Nice mod man, btw i am the Georgian Countryball guy on youtube
  4. Hey can you post the screenshots?
  5. I only want the scenarios and the New formable civs, How do i download these two only?
  6. 1. Kingdom of Georgia (Including Its occupied territories, vassals and Protectorates 2. Georgia 3. The first picture shown is the territories of the Civilization 4. The second picture shown is the flag of the civilization
  7. When i deleted it AocII stop launching And by the way im talking about The mods that Come with This mod Im not talking about the mods that were originally there, im talking about like anarchism, Theoracy, Parlimentary Republc, Terrorist state or whatever, Etc im not talking about Democracy or Facism or Communism and stuff like that. So basically what im trying to say Im trying to get rid of the Mods that come with the mod, I dont want to get rid of the Mods that come with the game.
  8. I want to get another Mod with Bloody europe which has Custom Ideologies Like anarchism, Theoracy, And others ,So if i download that mod with bloody europe Which already has Custom ideologies Then the whole game will bug out. So Thats why i want to get rid of the custom ideologies On bloody europe Its so The two mods wont bug out the game. so which file are these custom ideologies at?
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