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  1. Make a version for Android, I need It for uh, a friend
  2. Tuhkur

    Aoh 2 2.0

    Also some new civs could definitely be some Finnic lands, like Setu or Võro, but also vepsia and Votia. Also if you also need a formable nation, then how about the "Finnic Confederacy" which has basically all Finnic lands under it if needed to form. There are some maps of a possible Finnic confederacy up on the internet so yeah
  3. Tuhkur

    Aoh 2 2.0

    Hi! I have a suggestion for provinces. Basically Can you add three more provinces to the Baltic region (you can obviously add more). These provinces being: Petseri, Jaanilinn and Abrunes. Petseri and Jaanilinn are Estonian meanwhile Abrunes belongs to the Latvians, however In 1945 the Russians toke those areas away and are currently still occupying them and they don't even have a border treaty. Anyway here they are: (PS: Jaanilinn Is the one near the Narva city and Abrune is below Petseri)
  4. Oh yeah isn't it fun that you have to open up a new site just because some people decide to speak in multiple different languages even though they fully understand English
  5. And uhhh, no, the Americans have eaten so much burgers they have an immunity to computer viruses as they punch their keyboard with their fat moisty fingers. Your plan won't work because your enemies are just too obese to fight
  6. This is what I hate about russians (and also other majorities of non-english speakers) like. Stop speaking in languages most people won't understand in a forum were people are trying to discuss shit. I myself am an Estonian, and if I start speaking Estonian instead of English, you guys speak Russian and then an army of Turks come in, we can't understand shit. So please, I don't care how nationalistic, Putin lover, tankie or slavaboo you are, speak English, you clearly understood what I said, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't speak English.
  7. Sadly yes, also damn lots of Russians in here. I was expecting Turks as they are flooding every mod with their nationalism but this time the Slavs have arrived
  8. Hey, can you also add the provinces of Jaanilinn and Petseri in Estonia and Abrene for Latvia? It makes it more historically accurate and I think the region needs a bit of more highlight (Jaanilinn is the one near Narva, Petseri is the one near Pskov and Abrene is the southern one)
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