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  1. I did something very similar to you and extended events till 1653, it's simple you don't need knowledge of history but it can inspire you to learn history just watch History of the world ( the newer version) by Ollie bye watch the borders change and put events on that, took a week for 1653 but amazingly worth it And put civilization is not controlled by player in conditions when making AI events giving the player free will to stop some events, if you feel like giving up, remember that somebody did it in civ 4 which has like 1 billion less provinces it doesn't even have provinces a
  2. We already have conquerors
  3. Imthere

    Aoh 2 2.0

    Don't add too many provinces
  4. Are there other mods you work on? You have insane potential
  5. I already stopped making that scenario, I was planning to extend it till 1918, I don't know how to upload scenarios on Android, but If there is a way to upload then I will surely make one and upload it for download which I'm sure I can make in a month the scenario will be extended to 1918. Only the AI will be historical though so players have free will to mess around with historical wars, I only have 1 screenshot of that 1518 scenario I can share if you want
  6. This is truly revolutionary, this inspired me to become a Aoc2 Scenario maker along with factors that follow, this is one of the major factors that led me into scenario making. This amazing idea and mod has led me to make many different scenarios of course I can't reach your quality that quickly. Now, while still new to scenario making my best scenario yet would be a 1518-1654 events scenario, my quality can't reach yours but I guess I specialise in making Historical AI, looking forward to play this mod. Sounded a bit informal and formal
  7. Add 1200 events like, watch a history of the a region like Europe or the world and set the time to 1200 and you can extend it to 1400 I did this with conquerors 1518 scenario and made events till 1656 and the map looked pretty historical just put ai aggressive 50 and speed 200, my scenario was pretty challenging, me a United Germany working with France and a Russia that reached siberia defeating an ottoman empire with a coalition as well as Swedish raids from the North which I repelled constantly,mughal safavid war and a qing dynasty that was just fresh in their conquest It takes tim
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