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  1. So while I was testing the mod before releasing it i found a big bug, that i should fix but that takes time, also school unfortunately started here in Bulgaria, so i am going to have to delay the release. But you are going to get more complete mod, deal?
  2. Yes actually, thanks but in future versions. How could we contact each other?
  3. I dont really have time before release, so i am going to make new flags in the next updates there will be such every two weeks or so
  4. I mean try like makin map of the balkans with wey more provinces
  5. I dont know how to do that yet, but imma try so yeah
  6. Whats the ratio of the flags??? Help
  7. What is the ratio of the flags?
  8. Screenshots... Also do you want a beta realised today?
  9. Its a small mod... Perhaps 16th or something
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