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  1. Gezi Parkı Olayların iç savaşa dönüştüğü 2013-2020 kadar süren iç savaş senaryosu yapabilirmisin baya taraf olsun
  2. If Age Of History 3 doesn't come out, I'm going to commit suicide
  3. https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/ bak burdan güzel bir senaryo fikri çıkar 😀
  4. bu arada al sana senaryo fikri :] WAR OF 2020 (BATTLEFIELD 4 EVENTS) 2020: Admiral Chang Wei was a high ranking official in the People's Republic of China and an extreme conservative. He resented the American influence over China, and was outraged by Jin Jié's progressivism and idealistic ways. To prevent the progressive idealist from allowing even more Western influence over China, Chang set out to orchestrate a coup d'etat to assassinate Jié, which would then be blamed on the United States, in order to assume power. Baku -In Baku, Azerbaijan an intelligence exchange bet
  5. hangi senaryo projelerini düşünüyorsun?
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