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  1. I lost the mod

  2. I will try to add new ideologies+ flags and symbols

    Give ideas 

  3. Im adding a couple fascist flags, i had to change of computer so im redoing a couple things

  4. I need ideas for scenarios for my addon!




    1993 Scenario

    1970 Scenario (Cold war)

    Narco wars Scenario

    Soviet Union Republics

    Mexican Civil war

    Mexican Independence War

    1936 (Added Colonies instead of making it direct Europe territories


    11:59 mod civilizations (Copy paste from other mod to get the colony civilizations)


    Sublime State of North America (Canada and USA)

    American Republic (Mexican Empire and Brazilian Empire)

    Various Cartels

    Democrat and Republican Parties

    Boogaloo Movement

    Narco State of Mexico

    Peoples Liberation Army

    Malaysian Communist Party

    Arab Islamic Libya

    Democratic Iberia

    Rojava Confederation (Syrian Kurdistan)

    Italian Colonies

    American Indian Nation

    Pacific States of Oregon

    Pacific States

    Mojave Nation

    Black Nation of America

    African Peoples Republic

    Neo Roman Empire

    Rio de Oro (Spanish Colony)

    Various Portuguese Colonies

    All of these were made by me except the 11:59 i copy pasted


    Iberian Union will now have more flags

    Changed USA Fascist flag to confederate states flag

    Added Unrecognized nations

    Added the Swastik to the fascist german flag

    Changed lots of icons 

    Changed civilizations name to their official names (Example: changed Russia to Russian Federation)

    Removed all leaders because is annoying to be trump

    Earth map is 11:59 background because looks ways more realistic






  6. Im still making the Addon and added a few Civilizations:


    Boogaloo Movement

    Fallout China

    United DRPK



    Sublime State of North America

    American Republic

    Confederate Provinces of New America

    Third Mexican Empire

    Neo Spanish Empire

    Multiple Cartels


    If anybody has a good idea for the addon please let me know


    1. Albert speer

      Albert speer

      Anarchist Spain.

      Taliban (Emirate of Afghanistan)

      The old believers (autonomous Nazi occupied Russian terretory)

      Dominion of America (British colonie)

      Spanish east Indies.

      Spanish Raj.

      North Italian commune(for a alternative cold war scenario)

      The boxer Rebellion ( as a playable rebel nation)


      These are my suggestions.


    2. Balls


      I changed Afghanistan Fascist flag to the taliban flag and will be called emirate of afghanistan thanks for the idea


  7. Im currently making a Addon for Age of Civilizations 2, Im adding Better flags, few civilizations, changed icons and Civilization names

  8. Thanks for reading me! you should also add the ideology of Terrorist organization for the islamic state with a ak as a symbol, add the A in a circle for anarchy and ancap, a flower for Soc dem, a plant for ecologism, and a money symbol for autocracy
  9. Hey pal i just tried out your mod, Is amazing! Of course it needs a lot of fix because is the Beta version of the game but you did a great job to be honest, the only thing i found uncomfortable/bad was the fact that everytime i wanted to change system to anarchy, it appeared as anarcho capitalism, and everytime i changed to conservatism, it appeared as communism, also i recommend you using more icons for the ideologies, like the republican party logo for conservatism, democrat for liberalism, the A for anarchism and anarchocapitalism, the INGSOC logo for the orwenalism, etc
  10. My idea for a new update:

    1- Better Rebellions

    Example: Rebels will take from you 1000 citizens and 100 of economy on the provinces they are in, plus -50 of staility on the regions they are in

    Also, giving another chance to the player if they get annexed, form a rebellion accumulating money and recruiting soldiers, so you recover your land and country

    2- Missiles and nukes

    Another Example: You need to wait 3 turns to get a missile wich it costs 200000 gold, to make a nuke you would have to wait 5 turns and it would cost 500000 gold, A missile will kill half of the soldiers there are in a ratio of 1 provinces where thee missile was sent, and a nuke would annihilate all the soldiers in a ratio of 3 provinces from the place where the nuke exploted, plus, the nuke would turn these provinces into colonizable wasteland and it would make the countrie you nuked loose 1000 of economy and 25 of stability

    The nuke/missile would take 3 turns to arrive in the place you decided to send it

    3- Bio Weapons

    Example: To fabricate a bio weapon you need 0.9 of Technology and it costs 550000 gold, to launch the bioweapon you would have to give 3 quarters of Movement points and loose all the diplomatic ones, it would take 100000 gold to launch it and you would loose stability and reputation with all other nations for attacking with a bioweapon

    The bio weapon function is to make a fast spreading very mortal disease that turns normal land into colonizable wasteland after 10 turns of being exposed to it, it kills all the people in the province where the bioweapon is, the io weapon will stop spreading and will dissapear once youn reach 15 turns after you used it, and you cant use it until 50 turns

    4-More ideologies and variants

    What i mean with "variants"? Well, lets make an example, you press on a ideologie and you see other variants, Example: if i choose communism, i get Marxism, Socialism, Titoism, Maoism, Vanguardis, National Bolchevism, etcetera, if i choose fascism i will get Porfiriate, National Socialis, Totalitarism, Classical fascism, Military Dictatorship, etcetera, if i choose democracy i will get social democracy, democracy, democratic socialis, liberalism, etcetera, and so it goes with all ideologies, rebels: Terrorism, Cartel, Gang, Militia, etc


    Choose wich weapons, uniforms, or care you want to give to your soldiers and upgrade them so your forces are harder to defeat

    6-Planes, Tanks, And helicopters

    Instead of conscript, and recruit, we add the option of fabricating tanks or planes

    Planes can jump to other province withou the need of conquering those in their way and each attack made by a plane would cost the enemy half of the economy of the province

    Helicopters have the same function (Jump to other province) but instead, each helicopter transports 10 soldiers and you can conquer other provinces far from your objective at the price of 100000

    A single Tank would be the equal to 50 soldiers and it could kill around 100 enemies 

    Those are the ideas i have now, if anybody has the contact of Lukasz Jakowski i would appreciate if somebody lets him know about my idea



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