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  1. Hello,why does when I edite terrain types and growth rate, after that I have changed them and press save button they aren't saved and terrain types and growth rate hasn't changed.
  2. Name: Gerater Iran Capital: Tehran Reason: After many dark and awful years for Iranian people, now they decided that it's time to become one under flag of Greater Iran. Formed by:Iran,Afghanistan,Tajikistan,Kurdistan,Armenia,Ossetia,(maybe Azerbaijan) Requires:Iran,Armenia,Azerbaijan,a little part of Russia (Dagestan, Chechnya,ossetia,ingushetia,avaria), Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan, Afghanistan,whole part of Kurdistan(including Iraq,Syria,Turkey Kurdistan),Baluchistan and Pashtunistan of Pakistan,some part of Uyghuristan,some part of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and Ba
  3. I think it's easier if in adding leader section we could customize the numbers of percentage of being powerful of leaders, for example perhaps you wanna add a leader with 150% research ,so it will takes so long till you reach there. And the thing is(I think this is a problem though) that after that you added a leader his won't be found in leaders part.
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