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  1. The mod will most likely die. Because I don't have the JAR and EXE file for the mod. Anyone who can make a JAR and an EXE contact me.
  2. Let me tell you about this genocide as a Turk. The Armenian genocide, the Ottoman administration during World War I, the Ottoman holding a political party, the Union and Progress Party Pasha and the Young Turks by his name one other Ottoman troops fighting in the Caucasus, while the Russians together with the Armenians, the Ottoman and the British kill the soldiers in the Ottoman Armenians in eastern Turkey and Iraq to sink with the support of the Armenians in the region and with the start of Union and progress of the rebellion 3 Pasha (Cemal Paşa, Enver Pasha, Talat Pasha) of the Armenia
  3. How can I use Bloody Europe II'S JAR file in my own mod? I tried, but it won't open. And if it opens, it closes immediately. @Trans-Amur could you please make me a JAR file?
  4. UI, Backgrounds, Provinces, Sounds, Musics, Ideologies, Ages, Diseases, Terrain Types, Shaders, Religions, Color Pallets, Lines, Languages, Fonts, Flag Editor Overlays/Divisions, Diplomacy Colors, Alliance Names is done.
  5. Hmm, good luck
  6. PLEASE READ! Do you think we should put only countries that will be used in scenarios or +8000 countries? NOTE: If we put it used in scenarios, there will be formable countries and unification countries.
  7. The musics are complete, but besides the Hearts of Iron 4 musics, I've added songs and anthems you'll love, which will give you fun in the game (trust me, it's not really crap)
  8. When I asked @Lipark Japanese modder he said he would do it UI, but he had work but now I saw @Lipark share a Hearts of Iron 4 UI in forum threads and I'm using it so our UI builder is @Lipark Japanese modder Thank you to him.
  9. I won't be able to continue mod in August and on Eid-al-Adha because I will be on vacation. That's why the mod is expected to be released in September, but is delayed to October. In my opinion the exact exact date will be October 20, 2021.
  10. hmm... Stealing HoAoH2?
  11. @Mka, which has agreed to make a background to our mode, is now one of the developers of our mode. Thank You @Mka.
  12. Ruhuna El-Fatiha! Euzubillahimineşşeytanirracim Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Elhamdülillahi rabbil alemin errahmanir rahim maliki yevmiddin iya kenabidü ve iya kenestain ihdinas sıratel müstakim sıratellezine en amte aleyhüm ğayrül mağdübü aleyhim veleddalin Amin!
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