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  1. well I have them in the lite version of the full map of aoh2 but not in the full version
  2. in the europe lite version of aoc2 I have the civilizations from ancient greece but in the full verson of age of history 2 I dont have some of them: the ones I have are Epirus,Pontus,Cilica,Byzantine Empire,Athens,Sparta,Achaea,Cappadonia I dont have the rest, please send a file or smth of the 6 civilizations from ancient greece that I am missing, thx
  3. in this website you forgot to add the custom civilizations
  4. you forgot to add the civilizations in your civilizations editor, some are question marked with names and numbers
  5. thank you so much for this, I was trying so hard to find a full napeleonic wars scenario, respect+
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