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  1. The debt becomes a nightmare after you get 20k troops. So playing as byzantium is impossible at least for me tho. How about putting the technology between 25 and 35? Also why does England/GB colonize australia? I think it just feels kind of stupid in 1440 Lmao XD. Still if you think thats a great addition then ok.
  2. As a person who beleives that properties can change by right of conquest...it belongs to turkey now. Also that area is like barely even armenian anymore. Honestly i think we should make a 69th roman empire there since the land belonged to the romans. Or the 2nd greek empire or how about the 420th Perisan Empire since the Achemanid Empire also conquered areas of eastern turkey in ancient history
  3. Idk if you're talking about me but i never said that the genocide did not happen. I just gave reasons as to why it happened. Frankly...i'm neutral on this matter.
  4. Also did you make byzantium more difficult to play? Can you like give it more technological points and not just 19 since because it shared continuity with rome it was more technologically superior than the rest of Eurorpe. Even in 1440(hence why the renaissance happened AFTER it fell). I would recommend somewhere between 45 and 50
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  6. I think it was kind of unintentional and intentional. The central government wanted to deport the armenians to syria so they would stop causing trouble which honestly they did. The Ottomans were right to blame the armenians for their losses(not the only reason tho). The russian was large but ill trained but the ottomans were highly trained by the british(before the war) and the germans. They even managed to kill like 300000 british and commonwealth troops in a single battle alone. What the british thought to be an easy war instead cost thousands of deaths for the british. Then how did they(ott
  7. I dont know why this is happening. In the orignal 1440 scenario i couldn't save from the very first turn at all. I think this is a bug on the android version(i somehow got the scenario to work on android...i know...i am a chad) but too bad jakowski quit before he could fix the error. Thats sad. Oh well. Think you can make England, France, Castille or Spain and Portugal to start colonizing from the year 1500 at maximum or 1492 at minimum because by those years they already become to powerful to go to war with. Also, Austria Hungary wasn't formed until like the late 19th century in 1848 or later
  8. It's a really great mod. The only i have is that after 450 turns i cannot save. Idk if it's the game's fault but if u can please fix this. Thank you
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