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  1. So, i just playin around with scenario and made this (I planned to add lore/events). Its alternate modern history also yes, if its dont make sense because im kinda bad at geopolitic lol. Oh yeah, i made this with Add-on 1.4.1 + Bloody Europe code stabilized version If you guys interested to try, tell me how to get the file from Android cause im suck at IT lmao Main lore: Year is 2000, somewhere in alternate universe. Union of Soviet Stalinist Republic dissolve after major democratic revolution in most state also after deathly conflict between Federal Republic of Germany-A
  2. So, this is just my game idea for next AoH. I just think it would be very cool (I guess) 1. Terrain Terrain still looks the same but with more reasonable modifier and more biome 2. Type of settlement Soooo, all territory in map have some kind of indicator to show and manage number of population (Maybe they can put in the upper of building tab) and growth rate still exist only to help the growth not measure number of pop. It can be upgrade with gold or maybe with time (i meant upgrade it with gold then it need about 200 or less turn to finish?) or idk :v - Colony
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