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  1. I mean these are really easy to add in. U can do it bud
  2. 8th Update Post Guess who is back! This mod ain't dead! Far from it! I've just been busy so haven't had much time to work on it. I Apologize. - Iberia is basically done (Might be changed in the future) - Formable nations are started to be added. Formable Nations will follow tiers and come with bonuses. The first nation tree is.... Navarre, Vizcaya, Aquitaine Basque Country Vasconia - Work has been started on France https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/482706988065619968/545011324682240050/20190212173943_1.jpg?width=904&height=560 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/482706988065619968/545003387364573202/20190212170742_1.jpg Bejan War for Independence As Spain collapsed right at the borders of Portugal, Beja saw its chance for independence. It could break away from Portugal and be a truly free and prosperous kingdom! A bloody war of independence was fought for Beja to be free. Many lives were lost but in the end when Portugal seemed to finally get the upper hand and decisively defeated the Bejan Army, Toledo stepped in and demanded Bejan Independence. Portugal was exhausted from the war and they could not refuse this demand. A treaty was signed and Beja was a free nation. However, 30 years have passed and Portugal has recovered. They eye Beja with greedy eyes yet are stopped by Toledo. However, Toledo's interest in keeping Beja free is fading. Who knows how long Beja can remain free? Thats all for now! Updates can now hopefully begin to be pumped out again!
  3. I dont want 26 cantons included. Most of the major ones I'd want included to make the region more interesting
  4. Ik right! I had big plans for switzerland!
  5. I don't really know to be honest. Maybe 800 to 100
  6. Seventh Update -Added in Several Forms of Government as well as a vassal government system Duchy (Strong Vassal Government) Can raise armies but they are more expensive and cost more to upkeep Dependency (Very Weak Vassal) Must depend on their overlord for protection. Cannot raise an army Reino (Unique Vassal To Iberia) Stronger than a Duchy but only slightly. Trading City Farthing (Unique To Iceland) Cheap to Pillage and Plunder your enemies. Slightly raised taxation since Iceland is Iceland Athenian Civil War Athens was had been constantly unstable since the collapse of Greece. After the Greek Warlord died the Athenians overthrew the monarchy and reestablished the Republic. Athenian rule extended from Southern Epirus down to Northern Peloponesia and to the distant islands of Ionia. Since Athens was the biggest and most centralized nation in Central Greece, this caused instability. As the Epriots, Dorics, and Turks did not enjoy Athenian rule. There was also a Pan-Nationalist Movement to unite Greece under one nation and culture. The Civil War erupted after a Greek General marched towards Athens to conquer and form a Nationalist Greece. The Athenians fought hard and succeeded in repulsing the attack. The Greek Nationalist were forced to retreat west and reconsolidate their forces. Southern Epirus seeing this opportunity declared its independence. Athens at the moment is in turmoil with Athens fighting against the Greek Nationals and Southern Epirus trying to gain its independence. Iberia will be finished in the next update. If you are interested in seeing this mod reach its full potential then I need a guy who knows the map editor. Its embarrassing to admit but I have broken my game 6 times trying to add in a single province. If I cant find a map editor then the mod sadly will not reach its full potential.
  7. Seventh Update -3 New Types of Government in the game Cantons Mafia State Theocracy -Swiss Confederacy has been added Swiss Confederacy The Old Swiss Confederacy was spared from the French Armies during the Napoleonic Era, as Napoleon saw no strategic value in the Swiss. Thus the Cantons were never truly united and remained loosely aligned with each other through a loose military alliance between the Cantons to ensure their independence from outside powers.The Swiss Confederacy expanded through the years due to the instability of the surrounding regions. With much of the Romanch, French, and Italian regions joining the rest of Switzerland in the military alliance Bit of smaller update for today but more is definitely to come!
  8. I will probably go bavk and make a lot of these nations releasable but a big idea of the mod is that its meant to be very Balkanized through a recession of technology and centralization.
  9. Sixth Update - More Italian Nations - Switzerland has been broken up into 7 cantons - Sicily split up into 3 city states - Magna Graecia added - More Events added for Athenian Civil War At the end of these updates I'll give you some lore for the world Magna Graecia The Industrial Collapse hit Italy hard. The call for a United Italia that once ringed through the streets of Rome, Venice, Palermo were now gone. Instead were the calls for freedom! Freedom against their tyrannical governments that sought to exploit their labor at the expense of the people. The people were disillusioned. The Great Recession had started. The Italian Nations collapsed. The Griko people, seperated from their homeland for centuries, now reembraced their Greek Identity! They revolted and formed Magna Graecia "Greater Greece". They eye Sicily and South Italy. Hoping to restore the Ancient Greek Colonies that once prospered there.
  10. Yes there are tons of events planned!
  11. Fifth Update Bit of a wait for this update I am now comfortable to show you the Fifth Update -Balkanized Austria. 3 Kingdoms in the South and 3 city states in the North -Balkanized Czechia. 2 German Kingdoms in the Westand Moravia in the East -Balkanized Hungary. Powerful Kingdom in the West and 4 City States in Eastern Hungary -Balkanized Slovakia. Divided into 3 city states Gagauzia will be fixed next update
  12. Fourth Update Balkans are almost done with Slovenia and Romania being balkanized! -Added the Republic Of Gorizia -Added Monarchy of Carniola (Both can form Slovenia) -Added in the first Austrian State of Styria -Balkanized Romania and then proceeded to balkanize the smaller parts as well 😛 -There is a Transylvanian Saxon State and A Hungarian State in Transylvania -fixed Vojvodina
  13. Third Update -The Western Balkans are basically done with a whole lot more new nations -Serbia is in a civil war between Loyalist and Democratic Supports. During this civil war, Serbia might further split as Vajsnoryha had already seceded to avoid the civil war. -Bosnia has completely collapsed with the Serbs in the east, The Croats in the West, The New found identity of the Herzogovinans, and the Mountain Men known as the Morlachs in the North -Through various Italian City States support, Dalmatia and its romance language have returned from near extinction, as well as Istria. -Due to the rapid collapse of Austria, There was complete anarchy in Croatia, however two states have managed to survive and conquer their other warring states. The monarchy of Slavonia seeks to reunite all of Croatia. Zagreb is a city state who only wishes to survive. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/482706988065619968/534565891103391770/20190114215237_1.jpg?width=895&height=560 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/482706988065619968/534565900754616320/20190114215249_1.jpg?width=895&height=560 If you have anything else you want your ideas added to future regions then join the discord and submit your ideas!
  14. Ya haha I plan on making Serbia a formable nation. As most if not all nations will be balkanized completely.
  15. Serbia will of course be added 😛
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