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  1. the hre is no longer a disgusting mess love em'
  2. well i tried it IT'S F#CKING HARD then i tried it on easy STILL F#CKING HARD good one comrade, good one
  3. haha just like the real thing


  4. This is my second Aoc2 scenario. The alt history goes that when hitler invaded russia the ukranians, the kazaks and the belarussians uprised against the sssr, hitler set a fascist goverment in russia, also the axis was devided between germany, italy and japan. (Germany - Germanic Coalition, Italy - Pact Of Rome, Japan - Pasific Protection Group) Also the NCF: between America, England, Sweden and Spain. And the last faction: Strategic International between Canada and Mexico. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/40onsworfy37msb/1625729697048pekfigdb.rar/file
  5. This is a fun little scenario that I made. The alt-history is that Napoleon's invasion of russia goes very good and he establishess... :DD I'm not going to spoil it to you guys. Have fun with it link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/btwn6eus7uiezyd/1625817649211xrxaplhb.rar/file
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