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  1. add atleast 2 civs to start giving provinces
  2. Not a joke, the entire game its a bug But u can download mods and start again tho
  3. The way: Delete the game and forget that u ever played it, u cant fix it unless somehow the game fixes automatically the bug
  4. Ah con razΓ³n

  5. Nobody was here for new year 😞


    Happy new year Lukasz!

  6. Take all europe and make the Holy Roman dream reality
  7. Welp, sadly your problem its more big than I troughtπŸ˜“
  8. Load your bugged game, save, leave to the menu, click on "Editor"(do not touch anything!), leave editor, go to games, start a new one, and there, you will have your game as a scenario (this only fix the bug on the new game)
  9. Sadly, I dont have a answer for that, you can just wait and continue your game, with a bit of luck, the Ai will form the civ
  10. This happens bc the AI dont want to form the civilization, bc he dont have money, or bc he dont have enough diplomacy points
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