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  1. plz make South America more relevant or mars colonization
  2. No, its not related to "Kaiserreich" original scenario, its just a name And this post have been made for an reddit post 1641250235185tzhyllhw 1641250235185tzhyllhw_A 1641250235185tzhyllhw_C 1641250235185tzhyllhw_D 1641250235185tzhyllhw_HRE 1641250235185tzhyllhw_INFO.json 1641250235185tzhyllhw_PD 1641250235185tzhyllhw_W 1641250235185tzhyllhw_E
  3. add atleast 2 civs to start giving provinces
  4. Not a joke, the entire game its a bug But u can download mods and start again tho
  5. The way: Delete the game and forget that u ever played it, u cant fix it unless somehow the game fixes automatically the bug
  6. Ah con razΓ³n

  7. Nobody was here for new year 😞


    Happy new year Lukasz!

  8. Take all europe and make the Holy Roman dream reality
  9. Welp, sadly your problem its more big than I troughtπŸ˜“
  10. Load your bugged game, save, leave to the menu, click on "Editor"(do not touch anything!), leave editor, go to games, start a new one, and there, you will have your game as a scenario (this only fix the bug on the new game)
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