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  1. I have encountered this bug several times. The bug is that when I load a save a second time I play it, it will first move me back to the menu and when I load again, the game wont let me next turn, turn on the diplomacy tab or do anything :(( I hope you fix this bug soon. Nice mod btw :DD!
  2. woa nice finally after 3 months there is an update! now the diplomacy bug is no more and i can continue playing as communist western europe this mod is so amazing and fun! keep on the work, sir!
  3. so like you can move your unit from a province with road to another one in like 1 turn only while the distance between the 2 provinces is up to 5 provinces (and for a distance of 6 provinces and above it will take 2 turns, 12 provinces and above it will take 3 turns and so on) (roads need to be built in all of those provinces your troops move through)
  4. I think it should also be used to move troops quicker
  5. thx man, guess ill wait till the next update to carry on playing
  6. I totally agree lol, I'm really enjoying this mod Btw, I encountered a bug that i only gain 0.1 diplomatic point per turn, is this a mechanic of the mod and I've triggered it or it is really a bug?
  7. I totally agree lol, Im really enjoying this mod
  8. is there any way to change a union's flag? (i made a union of british union, french commune and socialist republic of italy but idk how to change the flag, the union's flag is quite sucks) great mod btw, tysm for creating it!
  9. nice mod ;))))) and nice waifu bro >:))))) astolfo best girl ;33
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