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  1. Yes, i have tried to record AoCII a lot and no recorder seems to capture AoCII, my computer is good and most of the times it doenst capture the screen and the frames drop, my pc is super good there's no reason why it lags when im recording age of civ. Can someone help me? (sorry for bad english. english is not my first language)
  2. thanks, not gonna lie i dont really want a mod that changes how the games looks, i just want more rivers (the same way the creator made them look like) some new global scenarios and a lot of new provinces (i really want the suez and panama canal, as well as san marino and the vatican)
  3. @Beter Griffini made an event that when germany declares war on france the 3 provinces on the maginot line become wasteland (so germany cant go through it, they would need to naval invade or invade belgium) and after france loses paris the maginot line goes to german occupation)
  4. UCH

    No mouse when I open

    Try finding your mouse (If it's invisible), then go to settings and try to scroll down and try to click the custom mouse setting
  5. Probably by modding some files, but you can change the terrain to plains in the editor and build level 5 farms on that province
  6. Idk, build some farms, increase happiness and try to maintain good relations with your neighbors so you dont need to get involved in random wars
  7. Its a glitch that happens quite often, it has something involved with military access.
  8. number of inhabitants can be changed by increasing the populational growth of that province, it also helps the province's economy
  9. UCH

    Guarantee Independence

    Basically what this guy said
  10. Have good relations and that's it, it works out for me if they have 60+ relations, it also helps if they hate the same nations you hate (i made a defensive pact with korea in 1440 as mongolia since ming had lots of troops on both of our borders)
  11. I guess people could try something, our only hope is for lukasz to just sell the game or something like that
  12. Amigo, la mejor forma de eliminar a un jugador es hacer unión con él
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