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  1. @ivr17 can you add Banat and BΓΆhmen-MΓ€hren protectorate provinces?
  2. @Italian PeC I have a mod suggestion on LoTR, because it's one of higly ignored things for modding. Can you create a mod like that? If you could, it would be great.
  3. From images its definitely good mod, I hope in releasing mod in coming days, so good luck! πŸ‘
  4. I suggest you can also add new government type: Nomadic Empire
  5. It's great. Can you also create android version?
  6. What about adding sudetenland to czechoslovakia taken by Germany and Hungary?
  7. @Trans-Amur you're King of modder, good job! πŸ‘πŸ‘
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