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  1. SavoiIV

    1984 MOD

    I'm doing mod from 1984 to aoh2 and I know I'm doing 2 mods but I wanted to create one about 1984, it will be different from the mod from hoi4
  2. I will continue the mod
  3. 2 - I download a pirated version 3 - Lore and if communist states had collapsed in 1990
  4. Ask? Ask?
  5. mod is not dead
  6. i couldn't play game because it crashes (not on loading bar)
  7. Bruh
  8. I'm afraid Interpol come after me
  9. Amogus ඞ
  10. The mod will be early 2000s and based on my lore ( alternate universe) You must be wondering how I made a mod on mobile? I used, MT manager, Multispace (last image) Credits: ZDlord I used his mod as a base
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