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  1. Well thats complicated.... Uh, can you explain it more simplified? Like, just give the right/needed link to download? I know this sounds very selfish....
  2. Fucking epic, i also solved the Victoria Revolutions crash things Here how: Set the screen resolution to 1024x768 Color Bir to 16 Bit After you installed the game i suggest to rename the avi file to avi_OFF And sfx to anything you want (example: vic) Also, rename the music file to music_OFF Then search a file called "Setting.cfg", use right click and edit it, you see there will be text that says "MUSIC_ON", what you need to just delete the ON word and replace it With OFF (NOTE: dont delete the "underscore") After that, go to map file and renamd the tiles
  3. Thats explain everything, i guess Anyway, its looks like a fascinating mod
  4. How the surrender system work? I mean, is that like annex/capitulation?
  5. Is this supposed to be funny?
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