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  1. But hey, there's still have a russian word in event and also leader, ummm can you Translate that all? Its not like i forced you to translate it again, i just asking... And suggesting, i guess
  2. I suggest you play "The Second Great War" instead, because the mod has so many event
  3. Oh my god.... Jesus Christ, why im so dumb!? What i need to do is just reduce the bit to 16 bit!!! Fucking wanker.... Haish, thank you for your help, Alex I was Really appreciate your help Now i can play Victoria Revolution without crashing!!!
  4. will your game crash when playing it with that settings?
  5. Sigh, okay i want to see your settings for Victoria, from bit/resolution, and other Because i want to check if everything i did is right or not
  6. Goddammit, my English is deteriorating!
  7. I dont think that poles literally will do that beta things....
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