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  1. Just to speak, this mod is not mine, and I am not American or British.
  2. this is possible, but your photo is not 100% accurate equal to the size of the game's background, and the provinces are half crooked, and you also need a photo that is flat, that aligns the game's provinces.
  3. Can you send previews of the scenarios with this background?
  4. It makes Russia like a Russian empire 3.0, with Belarus, Kazakhstan, islands disputed between Japan, eastern Ukraine, and puts a person from the current Romanov house, who even lives Lenin killing the family
  5. What is the year of the scenario?
  6. the download links for scenarios are easy, have Google drive, which is safe,. you just have the scenario file in your pv or cell phone EAI puts it to make ---
  7. Scenery of the American War of Independence. This scenario is not from the whole world, only the Americas is Europe, because the American war of independence happened more in Europe and America. Scenario Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jfhkk2nbqmn1q76/waramerican.rar/file
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