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  1. Look, i don't know how to set the AL agressivness to 0 % in the beggining in pc as well but i wanted to know if anyone knows how to put AL agressivness to 0% in pc
  2. Hey, i need a tutorial how to change game logo, because i tried to find any files in the game to change logo and i can't find it to change icon for my mod
  3. of course, but i already installed Age of Modding but i don't know how it works
  4. sorry but I don't understand how Age of Modding works.. 😞
  5. Does anybody know how to translate the events to the random languages that people from another country can't understand the event in other language and i wanna translate my events in english and spanish for my mod of Age of Mongols in scenario of 1200 and my events are portuguese and i tried to the english and put to version english then when i go back to the portuguese, the event is in english, do you know how to translate the events to random languages?
  6. @davidtjk it's not that! I'm not saying that it's to reinstall aoh2 to recover, I'm saying that in aggression there is no 0% in the game, there is only a minimum of 50% aggression that is in the game at the beginning!
  7. bruh, there is no 0% agression on age of history 2 for me 😕 only max to 50% -_-
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