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  1. holy fuck someone finally made one, its appreciated
  2. A fun little scenario I made in like an hour, having Germany go through a civil war. Just to note, if you play as a nation other than Germany, no gameplay will be affected, the events will only happen if you play as the Weimar Republic. Meant to played at 50% aggression and speed. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gLSkT38F_ypZKmmor6OuYOoRKe7oANnc?usp=sharing
  3. I made a scenario that adds some events to the Victorian Era, ill probably update it every week or so, if you find any bugs with the Scenario, tell me in comments. The only files this scenario changes are the Italy and Yugoslavia formables.(as of now) The events in the scenario are not made to be realistic or represent real life events, I just added what I thought would be fun. Events: Austria: 3 Sweden: 2 Greece: 2 United States: 1 United Kingdom: 2 Serbia: 1 Sardinia: 2 OttomanEmpire : 2 Tokugawa: 1 Qing: 1 Prussia: 3 Ottoman Empire: 2 Russian Empire: 2 Fr
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