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    Mr Founder got a reaction from Resul Pasha in Juven ''The Great Middle East Mod''   
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    Mr Founder reacted to Resul Pasha in Juven ''The Great Middle East Mod''   
    The construction of the mod has started again. 
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    Mr Founder got a reaction from Lipark Japanese modder in War of the Eight Continents/WotEC (ALPHA 1.1 RELEASED!)   
    Let's goooooo you're the best 😁😁😁
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    Mr Founder reacted to Valixor in War of the Eight Continents/WotEC (ALPHA 1.1 RELEASED!)   
    After the release of the Alpha, I'll try to port the now standalone mod to Android, probably alongside a mini version of the map for lower-end phones.
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    Mr Founder reacted to Kingpvz in Age of Alavida (2565 Provinces/23 scenarios) Version: 1.0   
    Welcome to day of history 23! Today I am happy to announce that this mod gets released! Also, one new scenario lol
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    Mr Founder reacted to Domb in Age Of History II Asia+ (Version 0.2 Released)   
    Thanks i updated it and added more languages https://www.mediafire.com/file/63zsnu0mu7lgz8x/AoHA++0.1_sign.---/file
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    Mr Founder reacted to Domb in Age Of History II Asia+ (Version 0.2 Released)   
    I made a mobile version just for you it has a few bugs like the game crashing each time you scroll down in the scenario selection screen(to solve that you need to go to game editor and select the scenario you want to play) but all and all it's good https://www.mediafire.com/file/63zsnu0mu7lgz8x/AoHA++0.1_sign.---/file
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    Mr Founder reacted to Basilio Paleologo in Age of Korea   
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    Mr Founder reacted to Schattie4585 in Age of Mongols   
    I really want to make a big map of Mongolia and the areas around it. I am also working on the "Age of Far East" mod, but I want to start another project on the side because I really want to do it. The main core of this map will be in Mongolia. There will be other countries like China, Russia, North Korea and Kazakhstan. I can tell you in advance that the borders will not be perfect but I will give my best. I will put most of the effort into Mongolia, as it is mostly just about Mongolia. Other places like Burjatia or Tuva will play a big role. This map will be about the history of Mongolia. From early antiquity to modern times ... The main things will be set in the 12th century when the Mongol Empire was great. Progress: 2619 Provinces
    China : 75%
    Gansu : 100% (132 Provinces)
    Tianjin : 100% (19 Provinces)
    Xinjiang : 100% (500 Provinces)
    Qinghai : 100% (49 Provinces)
    Beijing : 100% (50 Provinces)
    Ningxia: 100% (14 Provinces)
    Inner Mongolia : 30% (246 Provinces)
    Heilongjiang : 100% (86 Provinces)
    Hebei : 100% (101 Provinces)
    Liaoning : 100% (124 Provinces)
    Shaanxi : 100% (16 Provinces)
    Shanxi : 100% (53 Provinces)
    Jilin : 100% (55 Provinces)
    North Korea : 100% (42 Provinces)
    Kazakhstan : 100% (105 Provinces)
    Russia : ? (2 Provinces)
    Mongolia : ? (1021 Provinces)
    I have planned much more provinces for Mongolia. I think there will be only 2000 Provinces for Mongolia and much more for the other parts.
    I'm sorry if my english isn't the best. I'am from DEUTSCHLAND!!!

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    Mr Founder reacted to Magolor in Age of Modding: A revolutional PC Modding assistant   
    Emm... The crazies things happened in the past few hours.
    When everything was quite ready and I was carrying out some final tests before release, I accidentally deleted all my source code.
    I tried to recover the source code for hours. I didn't know what to do, thought about just leave these god damn things forever.
    When I was about to give up, finally, by reverse-engineering the .exe files, I recovered major parts of my code (though severely damaged, e.g.: the province generating code is lost).
    So, happy ending, I guess?
    Though it may take days to recover everything, at least this tool isn't dead.
    Sorry for the delay, and... my heart is just, not strong enough to face the ups and downs.
    I'm just too tired after this. I may take a few days to calm down, but, I will be back whenever I feel ready.
    Emm... I guess that's it. Sorry but please wait a little longer.
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    Mr Founder reacted to Magolor in Age of Modding: A revolutional PC Modding assistant   
    Hello, Age of History II community!
    This is Magolor (Talirian). Please allow me introduce the software I have been developed for more than a month.
    Age of Modding: A revolutional PC Modding assistant
    Age of Modding (AoM for short) is a Windows software, designed to help AoH2 modders, providing a suprt convenient and intuitive GUI-based modding pipeline.
    Current Version Features Include:
    - Mods Manager: Manage game with different mods and versions: add, clean, rename, move and export to .zip file to be ready to publish with just one click.
    - Texts Manager: Convenient event localization, and text-based event making pipeline under the help of a new new format. (still improving)
    - Pictures Manager: Convert UI files to different scales, resizing event pictures. (still improving) Also, UI files are now ready to be conveniently extracted for installation on any mod! Feel free to share your UI with others!
    - Maps Manager: One of the most important feature of AoM, creating huge maps with thousands of provinces within 10 minutes!
    Features to be added:
    - Fast Civilization Editor
    - Auto Translation and Full Event Localization Functions
    - Game Code Modification and Management (probably, not sure)
    - PC - Android Convert Helper
    - ... or anything that you would like
    Introductions and Tutorials will be uploaded chapter by chapter in the next few days in form of videos on Youtube (in English), please subscribe my Youtube channel Taliran: Talirian. Or if you want Chinese Tutorials, or have a bilibili account and willing to support me by subscribing my bilibili account Talirian: Talirian.
    UPD: Tutorial (Updating)
    Currently only English and Chinese (since I'm Chinese) are supported as interface language, if you would like to help me translate and add new languages, please contact me.
    Download Link:
    demo 01
    demo 02
    demo 03
    demo 04
    Please do checkout Tutorial, and please do backup your files. The software is currently under beta so BUGs may occur. Please contact me if you find any.
    The software is completely free of charge (and it will always be), and you could freely use it for any purpose in any way. But please notice:
    1. Though this is not compulsory and I have no means of checking, please add acknowledgement if you used this software during the production of your mod or map or whatever it is.
    2. It is allowed to profit, if you like, from mods created under the help of this software. But it is not allowed to profit by redistributing, selling or providing services from this software.
    3. Though this is not compulsory and I have no means of checking, using this software that I'm willing to share, you should also be willing to contribute to the community and share your findings whenever you discovered some new techniques in AoH2 modding.
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