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  1. if there is no update for a few month then mod is dead, stop bumping dead mods
  2. pc or phone? if pc just calm, you normally have hundreds of gigabytes (or maybe one or more terabyte if your pc is expensive) disk
  3. idk why it doesn't work, just like 1.1.6 unless someone find the incompatibilities (prob the new techs) and somehow fix it
  4. do you have an estimation when will it release?
  5. please make it so you can cheat 200 tech (me want to have unlimited troops)
  6. probably doing it's casual nationalism stuff
  7. 1. Open AoC2 2. Load Save 3. Skip 1 turn 4. Save 5. Main menu 6. Press editor (don't edit anything) 7. Continue to play (you can change nation if you want)
  8. how tf you make it 90%, it only maxxed at 25
  9. Use the OLD jar here, not the newer one
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