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  1. can you rename cities like: Jerusalem -> West Jerusalem Nablus -> East Jerusalem Kaliningrad -> Konigsberg Volgograd -> Stalingrad or Tsaritsyn Gdansk -> Danzig Szczecin -> Stettin
  2. Zhukov wasn't the only competent general, Konev was also decent
  3. Mass producing the tanks are basically impossible for them, and their panzer 4's are already obselete by the time barbarossa started
  4. make sure that you download it frome here because the original sieg redux only support Russian language
  5. MAETH HALAL ALLAH APPROVED 201169420!!!!!!
  6. is there is any way i can use armyset? it's painful to invade soviet union without it
  7. 1. Prob no, but a lot of unofficial build was made that basically update the game (though it won't compatible with all mods) 2. - HOI4 EU6 Vic2 Vic3 (soon) Civ6 If it's worth it or not? it depends, if you want scenarios with events already, historical mods are your choice. You want capitulation system? Bloody Europe 2 that is. Want to have different leader if an event occurred? Conqueror are your choice. You just want a vanilla game? it's worth it, especially if you know how to customize it. Want cold war focused mod? 11:59 is your choice. Want modpacks? then get addon+ Mods do
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