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  1. can I get notified when this is possible? The only way right now is for someone to look inside the norrvagen mod as that has the feature, it is likely hidden inside the exe or jar file waiting to be found... I also need this for my alt hist cold war scenario as changing leaders is a hard af task, also the link for the discord is expired, could you send another?
  2. How? I tried opening it in recaf and there was just so much stuff, could you maybe send a short video or picture with what to edit, and where?
  3. did anyone get to figure out the leader change code? Its either in the exe or the jar file, all we need is someone skilled enough to look inside, this is a very important feature for all mods so there would have to have been some progress there
  4. That's perfectly fine take all the time you want I have far too much work myself as well lol
  5. YOOOO THE BROADCAST SYSTEM WORKS LIKE A CHARM THANKS MAN! Just what I need! Could you make it so that vassals never turn on you as I had a jar file that did that but since yours has the broadcast feature I decided to swap to this one but it is kind of annoying how they turn on their overlords now, that's the only major gripe. Also, I have another small request if possible, could you make it so that the population bars next to the population pie chart do not show at all? Like I disabled the pie chart already by making the picture transparent but I have no idea how to remove the bars next to the
  6. This has happened to me at least 3 times, with the amounts of events i am working with it is very tiring to have to correct them all. I'm guessing they auto-corrupt themselves once in a while and mix with other events.
  7. the jar files breaks my game, I can't press next turn as it is grayed out so I can only play with min 50% ai aggressiveness, please help @Aryan
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