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  1. TredRL

    I'm Bored

    Take a break from the game -> search other games -> play other game -> come back to Age of Civ 2 -> repeat
  2. Not that much, as long as the image is explained.
  3. Keep going!
  4. I like England, I played with that country too many times.
  5. Interesting 🤔
  6. @mimida21But show the carpet anyways, maybe he could help 😬
  7. So far, looks good, keep going!
  8. Your ally is a warmonger. But now, seriously, is a bug in the game and it doesn't have a solution. Try to not have allies at all, but instead firm defensive pacts.
  9. In Mobil, I have this problem with formable nations: selecting one, takes you to the title screen (in game) ;v
  10. So, one day I was using this certain laptop to play the game and suddenly the blue screen appears. From that day on, I just play in Mobil ;v
  11. Oh... I'm going to check it out, thanks for your work 🙂
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