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  1. Your ally is a warmonger. But now, seriously, is a bug in the game and it doesn't have a solution. Try to not have allies at all, but instead firm defensive pacts.
  2. In Mobil, I have this problem with formable nations: selecting one, takes you to the title screen (in game) ;v
  3. So, one day I was using this certain laptop to play the game and suddenly the blue screen appears. From that day on, I just play in Mobil ;v
  4. Oh... I'm going to check it out, thanks for your work ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. I think most mods have a modern world scenarios
  6. There are some mods with formable countries, try them.
  7. Peru or Mexico had a revolution in hands of the native people. A Second Inca or Aztec Empire is now about to rise again.
  8. Personal favorite: Just representatives flags when Scotland or Ireland forms his version of "United Kingdom". The Dual Monarchy (UK and France) sounds fun too, because in my Britain playthroughs I always conquer france You can also explore the possibility of Incas and Aztecs knowing about each other, and conquering their territories in the search of more power. Since this is a big deal, changing the flags of the Aztecs or Incas (whenever conquer the other) would give more life to the game. By a mod of WW2 you could make that either Peru or Mexico have the possibility to form a new st
  9. Hello. I like this mod overall and while playing it found some bugs, at least I think so (I play in android the last version 1.1.5) -For some reason the "I" letter of the alphabet is just cut from the names of the countries in the map -The number of soldiers in the map aren't that much visible, later found out that if I zoom the province so much, that only one province is in the screen, only then it's possible (it's a little uncomfortable) Thanks for your time with this mod, I'm really enjoying the modifications!
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