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  1. Viva la England! Let's give some bruh moment....
  2. Yoooo, awesome, can't wait!
  3. United Kingdom: Am I not a European to you?
  4. I cant show the screenshot because once i screenshot it, It will just shot the loading screen not the actual game.
  5. Ehem, I am sorry but THAT ARMY IS MINE! HOW DID YOU GET THAT FROM ME?!? Unbelievable A.I.
  6. Philippines have a war on China taking West Philippine Sea/South China Sea back?
  7. TECHNOLOGY POINTS. This is optional but you will need Technology Points for your income to grow. First is Taxation, second is Income, third is Administration, and last but not the least Military Upkeep. Those are the 4 Technology to grow your Income.
  8. This is why technology is also important. You need technology points to gain population or just colonize other provinces.
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