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  1. One time my vassal has signed a peace treaty to Wuttemberg, and losing more lands that I take from him. When I Conquered Wuttemberg, and have a Trade deal with my vassal I only need 100 Gold and I'll give him 14 of his homeland provinces. AND HE DECLINED. The following turn I made ANOTHER TRADE DEAL which I'll give him the 14 Provinces that I want to give to him earlier, in no return. AND THEY ACCPETED IT LIKE WHAT THE FU-
  2. Viva la England! Let's give some bruh moment....
  3. Yoooo, awesome, can't wait!
  4. United Kingdom: Am I not a European to you?
  5. I cant show the screenshot because once i screenshot it, It will just shot the loading screen not the actual game.
  6. Ehem, I am sorry but THAT ARMY IS MINE! HOW DID YOU GET THAT FROM ME?!? Unbelievable A.I.
  7. Philippines have a war on China taking West Philippine Sea/South China Sea back?
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