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  1. not accurate so i think u need to add custom civilizations
  2. btw i can do it but u have to give credits
  3. is this map is a map of santa catarina state cause there is an region that it looks exactly like bombinhas city
  4. daniii

    Japan Map

    one map of japan
  5. daniii

    Map for me

    yea boi, i can but only when i finish my france map that im doing
  6. I'm Remaking it cause this idea is cool Link:
  7. Infelizmente esqueci meu PC na minha cidade, ent só posso continuar dia 15. PS: estou em P. Seguro
  8. 41... eu contei errado 😞
  9. 31 munis eu acho... vou fazer um link quando eu fizer 50 municipios
  10. ja q vc abandonou e eu estou terminando, eu vou fazer um collab
  11. Can u pass the map editor files to me?? I want to help
  12. daniii


    and i want u to help me go to ur topic and view the 2 things that i replied ok??????????????
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