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  1. i hate when you see a cool mod but... it's not released and later, dies.
  2. Hello, can you fix some provinces bug like in romania or austria
  3. it's good, yes but i need --- converter i want to make PC & Phone mods.
  4. hello. Interesting, what other features you will put on the mod?
  5. Add me in discord. Kz#2766 What i can make? - Tons of events and what if..? and more - Detailed scenarios - i can add be2 codes
  6. i want new buildings for example, mines, markets, civil fabric, monuments, much more. and i have a question how i add more technology options?
  7. Hello Guys, i am Cabo_Taylor and i will develop a new mod that will have: -Realistic Scenario with economic and objetives system (Zombie scenario ww2) -More musics -New background -More governments -WW1 Scenario -South American War (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay vs Ecuador, PerΓΊ, Bolivia and Colombia -Repairs in biomes Note: to play WW2 Z scenario you need to put the ag +200% History: January 5, 1945, after the failure to stop the offensive of the allies and communists, Hitler ordered his last scientists to investigate some serum in order to
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