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  1. Nice to see this mod lives and okay,Also is there any big plans for this mods?
  2. Nice Mod my friend,The only problem is the same thing that plague hearth of aoh2 is the map size i can't go to x3 but that was ok i guess
  3. Just asking Is Russia National reunification is already implemented or not because i stuck at provisional level and cannot progress foward.
  4. How you increase the maximum value of diplomacy point? And The ratio of union and joining allian es? im still begineer at modding Can Someone help me?
  5. And It will be addon+ all over again With little broken English translation And No English Keyboard
  6. No bloody europe 2 mechanics is there and implemented in combined version,I mean in addon+ there is no english keyboard so i tried the guide to make english keyboard pops up thats require you to replace the classes dex in the mods by the original Age of history classes dex using mt manager but there is huge bummer after i replaced the mods classes.dex with original classes.dex of original apps. And Played the games, thecombined version features and changes from bloody europes 2 and addon+ revertes to vanilla aoc2 this probably can do by the classes.dex replacement with the original classe
  7. First got excited but at second times get rekt,its revealed thats the english keyboard is not applied at all. And Suprisingly enough when you replace the broken addon+ classes dex with vanilla aoc2 ones,It revertes the bloody europes change and making it vanilla addon+ Little bit of disappoinment but yeah it is what it is :(( Edit:For peoples who confused i mean there is no english keyboard in this combined version of addon+ like the original addon+ when you use the advice to replace the mods classes.dex with the original classes.dex Examples of how its really work:
  8. Im playing as yagoda and i already got regional reunification.But i also wait for superregional event and also i wait for bessonov for my run.Two Question 1.Where is superregional unification i already in 1971 and nothing pops up are there's is a suprregional reunification for irkuts(Sorry if i don't mention it correctly)If there is When it pops up? 2.Where is Bessonov i want to play as him in irkuts but there is no event popping up mentioning about him. like the upper question is there is bessonov playthrough or not,if there is when its takeover irkuts Sorry for long
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