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  1. Hey can anybody help me. The thing i need is the ai aggresiveness to be able to go to 0% and for vassals to don't rebel.
  2. You know something even sadder..... the mod is.. dead. I don't have much time to mod so I think the best thing to do is to rip the mod.
  3. Unfortunately..... All my moding files are gone and i have to start from the start so the mod is gonna need some time to be back to business...
  4. Start of Development will start on Saturday
  5. Dolphin General ✔ Chairman Bad✔ Lipark Japanese modder❌ Kerems(numbers) ❌ two more to go for the mvp reply pack
  6. Well..... idk maybe not but sometime in the future probably gonna put it, but I am not so sure.
  7. Well I say we should re-purpose the main theme of the mod and the name so Oficially the mod is gonna be called: Age of War.
  8. @Reza ShahIt has more Idiologies look up.
  9. What do you people think? If you want more just say it.
  10. Democracy: Direct democracy. Constitutional democracy Social Democracy Communism: Leninism Stalinism Maoism Dictatorships and that stuff.... Fascism Dictatorship Military Junta National Socialism Monarchic style: Empire Absolute Monarchy Constitutional Monarchy (Parliamentary Monarchy) Other: Green Party Republic Anarchy Horde Tribal
  11. And that means the mod needs to be big if we gonna put a lot of Ideologies. So I will try to make this the super mod that i am gonna work for a loooongg time.
  12. So let's start with a new calendar of idologies.
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