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      well I am not really into this right now and i dont have much time for this. But thanks.

  2. And if you choose the first all the way to 1908 do events which you do nonagress and guarantee independance when it runs out. In my opinion i think the first is a cool idea
  3. well I say either do an Ally of Belgium with nonaggress and guarantee independance and at 1908 (which it became a colony of Belgium) do an event and make it a vassal or just make it for the start a vassal.
  4. In wikipedia it says that the Congo Free State was in a personal union with Belgium from 1885 to 1908 which then became a Belgian Colony
  5. well I prefer.... both are really cool so anything you put as background is good for me, do whatever you want.
  6. Well thats a lot of things but i think you can do it. I really like what are you doing and you should continue like that
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