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  1. Ok you know what, We here to enjoy the mod yes, ok Fine we'll do it your way This is holiday after all, my bad shouldn't argue on holiday. I'm Sorry. i was in rage when i see war master, That i have ti complains exactly when His Show up in front of me. But Alright it's over now. we cool now.... Have a Good One Sir. Dolphins @Dolphin General @War Master hey man I'm apologize for what happens, but i didn't say apology for what happened to me, but rather i apologize for false accusing you are behind my banning as you are a mod, Sorry if you offended by my
  2. @Dolphin General What does "Dolphin General" even mean ?
  3. yes your right, and i will do so... that is if @War Master does accept my friend request, which his refused thats why i taking my hand on random server he stumbled upon
  4. I say whatever i want to say, just like you share p o r n to Whatever server you like to send, if you can do that, you can send something where isn't Suppose to belong - Then i can send my message to whatever server i want to send, thats the rule dear dolphin.
  5. what do you mean you adding religions too?
  6. Will there be Shia, catholic, sunni like that, and Is there will be like court like ck 2 and ck 3 with court members of a country if i'm correct
  7. @Tortello polygamy existed on your mod? that is awesome to be honest, ur mod will be wonderfull
  8. But you said it won't, except someone willing to do so, to make port, have you find officially from your own connections
  9. What Is The Special, what so Special about this mod Tell me, what features or what change you have Make That Make this mod Differents than the Vanilla Version ( Original Un modded version ) OF AOH II tell Me Mr..... please do
  10. if its because i talk to the conqueror, well people pinged the conqueror many times, i didnt see they getting banned for it @War Master
  11. @War MasterOne side argument? This Is The True story. this is my own experience, they wont tell you hey we just get rid a guy cause we doesnt like them, even if they did, they shoulded told you who was the guy they banned. but they didnt, either apology. either say the reason i got banned. your.. YOUR.. - YOUR JUST.. huuu......okay i calm now... your a good Guy here - i get it, but you need to know your respondsiblity. and i need you to apologize sir. thats all. thats if you brave enough to do that A sinceres apology one! not just lame old sorry done..
  12. @War Masteri want justice and an apology, otherwise you have no honour. i felt treated in disrespected now. how come i just come in and then get banned within 15 minutes without litterally without Breaking any rules. they just banned me cause they doesnt like me.
  13. Ok Then, tell me then why that i got banned, what rules did i broke, i just saying hi to the server, 1. i didnt spammed or send message more than 4 2. i didnt do toxic 3. i didnt posted links or try to scam. people 4. i never do any of disrespcting others. ever.. and 15 minutes later i got banned 5. i give you my side story and its fair, cause im the one that experienced it not you. i just say hi to the conqueror, and ask if he can remember me... BUT then, you banned me. For some reasons... LIKE what The Fridge man, whats wrong with you people. what did i do
  14. Can you innovate a combat system, like Not Only killed. But Also Captured. And Survived, when the Survived they will fall back to one provinces back ward from the intial position. captured is when they are rather captured than be killed. means we can rescued them or they can be recruited by the enemies
  15. what i got is this, you will have to Sign the --- first but after i do that and i did installed the --- successfully, but again Black Screen happened. black screen even after signing the ---.
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