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  2. This is why moders should save the progress of their mods in driveπŸ‘
  3. You could put some random events, such as civil wars in African countries that have just become independent or fictitious rebellions in the dictatorships of Latin America, so that the USA and the USSR can increase their influence in other countries and have more allies apart from the historical, so the mod would have more diversity and each game would be different.
  4. Freedom of expression, and very good scenarioπŸ€™
  5. I can use your mod as a base for a mod i am planning to do with red alert based scenarios?, i just love your black map background.
  6. You can add Pedro Castillo as a possible leader He is associated with the terrorist group "Sendero Luminoso", an authoritarian Maoist group founded by Abimael Guzman, the seeks to forcibly unite countries to the union especially Peru and Central America to the border with the United States to fulfill the dream of Tupac Amaru and Bolivar.
  7. -Peru goes to war with Ecuador in 1941, where the current borders are marked -after the invasion of serbia, austriahungria and bulgaria define the division of serbia, the austrians occupy serbia and montenegro, and the soldiers of montenegro take refuge in albania and from there lead attacks against austria, so if austriahungria has serbia as vassal, Albania should also be vassal, and Bulgaria only wanted the territories it won after the first Balkan war. -The borders of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk are more realistic than those of the original Kaiserreich because the Germans did not
  8. Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and Central America except panama create the Latin confederation to counteract the conosur
  9. Ra Soy guapo, lo sΓ© Las mujeres se calientan, ya lo sΓ© LleguΓ© yo y jodΓ­ su matrimonio Me prefiere antes que su novio Soy guapo, lo sΓ© Las mujeres se calientan, ya lo sΓ© LleguΓ© yo y jodΓ­ su matrimonio Me besΓ³ delante de su novio (Ra) LlegΓ³ tu FaraΓ³n, el que te lo hace bien rico El que te complace en todos los aspectos Conmigo vivirΓ‘s nuevas experiencias No te preocupes, te tendrΓ© mucha paciencia Γ‰l te fallΓ³, de ti se olvidΓ³ No te valorΓ³, siempre te ignorΓ³ De tus sentimientos, Γ©l se aprovechΓ³ Te encontrΓ³ conmigo y se
  10. Mandale un ultimatun de anexion, luego le das a liberar vasallo y alli podes liberarlo en las provincias que quieras y tendra el mismo gobierno que tu, incluso puedes jugar como el vasallo si quieres
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