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  1. I'm sure there was a guide on YouTube about this and I learned how to do it from there. U can even find it in forum ;D
  2. Sadly u can't, The only way is to declare war on Austria Hungary .... So u can have all Victoria points.
  3. U just have to use formable Nations, It's not that complicated, U can ask it in TNO discord. They will answer u 👍🏻
  4. Go and play non-sandbox. Then use Cheat engine. It may sometimes crash but it worth it. If u have any problem with how Cheat engine work u should search it on YouTube.
  5. Reza Shah


    Yes it's a really ugly and bad glitch but it's fixable. Just follow the country change in Aryan tutorial, but u may lose your army (all the nations)
  6. @Lipark Japanese modderCould u pls send background here as a .zip? I'll be thankful for that 🌹
  7. Thx god after release of this mod I don't get carpal tunnel for economy and technology boost for EVERY province.
  8. Awesome! But could you pls don't do the UI modification of bloody Europe? Cuz blood Europe ui modification isn't really good and UI is too big or longm
  10. @Vice Admiral Nelson Can u edit the codes? It could be awesome if u can.
  11. I add it as a formable nation, It's pretty cool :D
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