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  1. Hi Aryen do you have a date for the next update?
  2. Uhhh people what does this mean? Speer update sooon?
  3. How to fix this (Android only) Click new game then leave that game ( no need to save) then hopefully it will work again.
  4. Can someone send me a Screenshot of Post tabby Russia ( with warLords) Please?
  5. Make a US War lord, where is far right and is something like the burgundian system, and wants to kill all "Fake Americans" which is everyone who is not form the warlord Area.
  6. when did himmler became british?

  7. Suggestions, add some more soundtracks ( Is that what they are called?) Such as " The Scared war" Can't wait until this is added and play as Omsk, add the Russian unification song for Holy Russian empire, and that it is!
  8. Nah, Fam I did trade init,but Italy is attacking form their mainland.
  9. Bug: playing as Omsk, and then Italy with like 245,000 troops attack form the mainland in former Reichskommariait Ostland.
  10. Idea or suggestion: Make the Ecomany, population, money and armed forces in the capital maxed. Something like this as it would be more realistic to see tens of thousands in a war then hundreds and thousands. Plz.
  11. I am sorry I am German and I had to use Google to help me! I am saying is looks good! And I hope it does not die like most mods
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