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  1. OK thanks so I'm going to edit my post and put your post forward. And I think you should put the link at the top in the first post, the link would be easier to find.
  2. Can you check my account I have published Chinese mods in the past, if they are yours then I will delete my posts.
  3. 大家好!hello everyone today I would like to share a mod although I'm not the modder I think it can be improve. This mod has a new world map with a beautiful design and has 4177provinces! 26 scenarios are available in this mod. And in some scenarios you can play China with some events. The mod has also some new textures. However, there are some bugs in this mod such as you can't change the ideology. I hope that people can share the bugs, sadly I don't know the name of the modder but I will search to find him. Hope that you can enjoy all this mod. (First time I use mediafire idk if the
  4. 大鸡子

    Chinese mods!

    You can download it on android
  5. 大鸡子

    Chinese mods!

    I'm not the modder I just found these mods in the Chinese community however I don't know how to give a download link
  6. 大鸡子

    Chinese mods!

  7. 大鸡子

    Chinese mods!

    These days the Age of Civilization community is not very active, there are not a lot of fashions but I have found that the Chinese Age of Civilization community has created several fashions! I would love to share them with you, however I don't know how to put download links and pictures , if someone can explain to me how. I take some screenshots I would like to share with you all however I don't how. My English is bad sorry :(.
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