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  1. Um, may i ask ? How do i vote ? I already joined the discord but i dont know how to vote
  2. I hope in the next update, you will fix the Soviet Union flag, cuz the current flags in the mod look are so bad, they didnt even look the same as those in Hoi4 TNO. the one in Hoi4 TNO has bigger, rounder and nicer hammer and sickle.
  3. The flag of the Russian SFSR is wrong, you must use the 1918 version not the 1954 one, the USSR flag also wrong, under Stalin regime, Soviet flag has different version of the hammer and sickle
  4. I have to admit, this mod is great, but every turns pass by, it just only 2 or 3 days (i dont really remember) which takes the game so long to turn to 1939. I hope you or someone can fix this. Such a nice mod this is.
  5. Um how about making the Elsace-Lothringen bigger just like in Kaiserreich ? The German-French border will look better, or you can make their borders look like in the Kaiserredux one
  6. I hope this mod will be released soon, such a great mod
  7. I think there's something wrong to the Komi event tree, i mean the "power struggle" one, when i choose the candidate while releasing vassal and play as them, it didnt come to power like the older version of this mod did.
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