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  1. puedes hacer la caída del imperio romano de occidente, ósea un mapa de el inicio de la edad media
  2. It all started when Catalonia became independent from Spain (Aragon is not cannon in my scenario chronology, like a madness combat incident) They will have to play with, Catalonia, with Spain, or with the rebels of Vasconia download link
  3. i finished the new scenario

  4. Next I will have another nation that was in Spanish territory so, Latin and Spanish users will have to know what it is link of: aragón scenario
  5. i make a map about ww3 now ww4 + war about catalunya independence and here the link about the ww3
  6. just a map where germany starts another great war and gets inordinately a lot of territory sorry for my english, it's not the best. download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/91j4136esydez7m/word_war_3_scenario.rar/file solo un mapa donde alemania inicia otra gran guerra y gana exageradamente muchos territorios
  7. si hablas de hispanos, ¿cuantas mazorcas tenes?

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