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  1. Ok thank you for your information! i will try your method
  2. Please answer because i couldn't answer 1.how do i add information on a custom nation (civilization that we create) [was not actually important but i need to include :P] 2.how do i change government flags of a custom nation (civilization that we create) if you could answer please show me how
  3. Could Anyone Help Me how to change an civilization name when they change their ideology? like example:i played as bulgaria then i want to change my government to monarchy,however i also want to change the name to the "bulgarian empire" but not by TAPPING the flag then change bulgaria's name but by permanent so its like when poland change its government to communism they will change their name to "Polish People's Republic" Could Anyone Explain How? 😩
  4. A few month ago i formed the german empire under the habsburg dynasty! I think its little bit interesting because i formed it on the victorian era scenario and dont mind about Switzerland 😂 i forgot to include colony but thats ok lol and i forgot to include south jutland/north schleswig edit:on sandbox lol
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