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  1. Ill give you credit in the description as it is unfair that you have no credit.
  2. I can take this down if you want to. I didnt know about your upload and am sorry about the miscommunication. Hope we can work this out
  3. Hey Fellow Civers! This a scenario I made based of the book version of The Man In The High Castle. It is the year 1962, the Axis have won the second world war. Italy, Germany and Japan now are the only factions left in this world. After a series of conflicts between Germany and Japan, America has been split into two different nations, with a neutral zone in between. However, this peace between in the nations is a blanket covering Germany's hunger for world domination. Can Italy and Japan survive a third world war? 1546352767481wxonskro.zip
  4. Hey BrakeCoachStudios, as I have seen there is no 1984 scenario on this site, and I have checked your activity to find no such mention of 1984. If I am wrong please correct me, but I do not want to be falsely accused for something I did not do.
  5. Hello fellow Civers! This is a simple 1984 scenario complete with custom flags, a custom scenario and my interpretation of the 1984 world of George Orwell. To give you some history, the year is 1984 (who knew) and the world is split into three major factions. After a nuclear engagement between the powers of the world, the three super powers left are Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. Oceania, which was formed out of the remnants of the United States of America, is a fascist world leader which relies heavily on propaganda and mind manipulation. Eurasia, formed out of the former Soviet Union,
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