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  1. I'm glad to see that someone is invested in improving the game, but I have a question about this mod, does this mod also fix recurring bugs from the vanilla game such as the save bug and the one related to diplomacy?
  2. There's a question I wanna ask though, while it's great that you guys are working on adding new stuff to the game, I was also wondering, if this file of yours will still have the same recurring bugs from the original game or the bugs will be somewhat fixed?
  3. I understand that you're also not tech guy, that's why I hoped that maybe the developer himself would see this and maybe propose a solution or at least give a hint on how to solve it, in any case thanks for helping.
  4. and it happened specifically when I formed Rome as Byzantine Empire a few turns later
  5. What do you mean, I literally explained it previously I don't how detailed you want it to be, basically when I try to insult someone or improve relations with another country, the value doesn't increase or deacrease as it should happen, it remains at 0. It's related to diplomacy or files that are related to diplomacy, I'm not really a tech guy.
  6. from that entire post you only saw this one. I expect an answer to my question, not to pinpoint the fact how Paradox games are buggy or sometimes unplayable, that doesn't interest me, what interests me is the solution to my problem.
  7. So what, that's it? I only received two replies that helped me with nothing and now everyone forgot about this one, I thought that maybe the developer himself will see this and try to fix this issue or at least give me a hint to fix it or at least let me know that he's about to fix it. How can you expect this cheap ass game to surpass the Paradox games, when it's broken af, instead of demanding new scenarios, I would focus on bugs that affect the gameplay experience, smh. I finally formed Rome as Byzantine Empire because my last game as the Byzantines was bugged and wasn't able to continu
  8. Everytime when I insult or improve relations with another nation in the next turn the value doesn't change and it remains at 0.
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