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  1. Hello to everyone interested in my mod so far! I'm already starting work on it, don't worry, I estimate a beta version available ready before the end of the month! Age of the Emperors is an aoc2 mod, which has more modern scenarios and set from the 20th century, but has the focus from 1300 to 1945, which was the time of the great empires and monarchies, from 1945 came the cold war and kind of the monarchy and empire that emerged, is not interesting for this mod. - Will there be events for more current scenarios? Yes! A great part of the community expects a mod full
  2. Would you like me to send you the scenario separate from the mod, or a beta version with some scenarios and events?
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about the existence of an event limit, I appreciate it!
  4. I will develop first for computer, after that I will try to upload all the files in the mobile --- editor...
  5. Choose how you want my next scenario! Comment in this thread your ideas for this scenario or for possible projects further down the road! (Warning!!) : I will leave this poll open until the 12th of this month, after that I will work on the mod!
  6. What is "Gathering Storm - The End of One War for All Other Wars"? - It is a map scenario of the First World War, specifically the March 21, 1918 Spring Offensive. What are the historical details? - The Spring Offensive in France by the Germans, Russian Civil War, the offensive by Egyptian troops in Transjordan, Arab revolt in Hejaz, German vassals, Chinese, British, Alliances such as Entente, Alliance, White Army and Red Army and last but not least, participation of South American countries like Brazil and Haiti To historical events? - Unfortunately not, I don't know
  7. Hej Aquati! For at sætte nogle kort, sceneri, civilisation eller mod til installation, du har brug for at få adgang til nogle websted for det, de mest berømte er mediafire, og Google Drive, men der er andre også, efter at, vil du kopiere linket til det websted, som du brugte til at uploade, starte et emne, og sætte download-link, eller du kan også klikke på vælg fil i en firkant, som du har, når du opretter nogle nye kommentar / emne, vil du kun vælge kortfilen eller andre ting, som du ønsker at sætte til download
  8. What is the limit of an image to put in an event? '-'
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