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  1. I finished the main scenarios from ww2 and ww1, I also did other scenarios between 1918 - 1933 (when Hitler became Fürher), so I will let you choose in which scenario I start the events! I haven't changed the leaders yet, before I put them in, I want to learn how to make the leaders of civilizations change while you play I added several civilizations for the scenarios of the possible German victories (ww1 and ww2) and also civilizations that existed in reality but are not in the game, for example: Tsardom of Bulgaria, Allied Occupation of Rhineland Give me suggestions on what to
  2. nem, quero fazer algo grande, vários cenários com acontecimentos e muitas civilizações, mas perdi os arquivos, estou refazendo-os, vai demorar muito afinal estou sozinho fazendo isso ... I have been thinking of giving up several times, but at the same time, I want to see the result, and also, if you will like it..
  3. People interested in the Mod, I lost the files, scenarios, events, civilizations, and so on. I will have to redo, at least now I can add more things, already speeding up my work...
  4. endsiege would be in this case, the end of both wars, the first and second world war, to be more exact, 1945 and 1918
  5. Hello to everyone interested in my mod so far! I'm already starting work on it, don't worry, I estimate a beta version available ready before the end of the month! Age of the Emperors is an aoc2 mod, which has more modern scenarios and set from the 20th century, but has the focus from 1300 to 1945, which was the time of the great empires and monarchies, from 1945 came the cold war and kind of the monarchy and empire that emerged, is not interesting for this mod. - Will there be events for more current scenarios? Yes! A great part of the community expects a mod full
  6. Would you like me to send you the scenario separate from the mod, or a beta version with some scenarios and events?
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about the existence of an event limit, I appreciate it!
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