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  1. Well, the phone model you are mentioning is the Xs max. I have the same model and im having the exact same problems. Im getting quite sick and tired of it
  2. Okay, so im not the only one with this problem here. I bought the game on the appstore fair and square, no jailbreak or any BS. The game's music is so laggy and weird while the game is loading. Also the game crashes randomly for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Please, we need an update badly. It is so buggy. Oh and please fix the aspect ratio because the notch on the iphone 10- 13 BLOCKS text on the screen. I know my phone is capable of running this game. Its an iphone xs max. Im quite sure the coding is the problem here. I know that there is only one developer, but please try to fix this vers
  3. lol good point. i cant wait to create a bigger iron curtain
  4. what exactly do you mean by deleting the scenario? Do you delete it ingame or do it in the files? If its in the files, plz tell me how
  5. Whoa, this seems quite ambitious! Are you sure you wont be attacked by Paradox for copying assets?
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