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  1. EDIT: SOLVED. MAKE SURE YOUR IMAGE IS IN 32 BIT, OTHERWISE IT WON'T WORK. (generating takes a few minutes, depending on number of provinces, mine took about three) Gives me this error with the following image:
  2. Adding provinces from Update Province Data doesn't add the provinces, just says ERROR. Example province from the editor program attached EDIT: the provinces show up fine on the editor program though EDIT2: I've updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, still same problem EDIT3: Managed to get it to work in a roundabout way: Step 1: Load up a different map, and exit the game with that. Step 2: Change the NumberOfProvinces value to however many provinces you will have after adding the new ones (remember, provinces start at zero so the NumberOfProvinces = biggest ID number + 1)
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