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  1. Does anyone know where all their projects gone? I mean the through the ages 2 mod, but also the fisrt one centered on Europe, if there is any patches...
  2. Is it for android too?
  3. New map also?
  4. Great idea, I hope it didn't die as other mods. Keep it up
  5. Isn't for mobile right? Anyway congratulations!
  6. Does it exist any detailed map of north America or of the americas? I mean we're plenty of ultra detailed maps of Europe but non of Americas?
  7. Just a question, it's late to add Egypt and the most western Middle East right? Anyway, again, excellent work
  8. Dipende dalla grandezza del territorio assoggettato, se è grande, come appunto l'Europa, è normale che ci siano rivoluzioni e simili anche dopo aver assimilato le province
  9. It says to me that is impossible to open the document, and ask to send the email is it normal?
  10. Detailed north American continent or the 2 americas
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